Welcome! Welcome! Best Stretch Mark Formula

We are just getting started, and to tell you the truth, I am nervous, but oh so excited to share Better Belly Butter with you! I am about to have my second baby in late January or early February, and I do not have a single stretch mark more than I did when I got my first stretch marks in high school. I expected to get more; my mom had loads and loads of them. Unlike my mother, who proudly wore her "tiger stripes" as a badge of honor, I was not so enthused by the idea.

Having a baby freaked me out! I mean, I grew up wanting to have 3 kids because I always thought that children of a house with three or more kiddos were the greatest. These kids always seemed to have the most fun, and they always had the best stories. Ok, side-tracked, this is not the point I am trying to make. I wanted kiddos, but I didn't want to have them. The thought of stretch marks and a baby dropping out of my vajayjay was not the idea of a good time. I also wasn't so sure I could handle being a great mom with patience and understanding. I mean, as a person dealing with other adults, I was these things but to kids, who I knew could be the biggest brats if given the opportunity. I learned plenty about this during my 2 years as a substitute teacher K-12 for Broward County Public Schools, the sixth largest and the largest fully accredited K-12 and adult school in the United States. Needless to say, I worked every day!

I faked my way through working with these kiddos, actually reading and implementing the lesson plans; somehow, these schools found a reason to praise me. While, at first, many kiddos thought that I was one of their peers in the hallway, I could get these kids to fall in line. But that was only working 7:30a-3:30p. I knew there was no substitute teacher to give me a break once I had a kid of my own. Wow, and what a beautiful learning curb it has been. More deets on motherhood in future blogs; I am still supposed to be telling you about my win against stretch marks.

Stretch marks are supposedly hereditary, but as I have learned as a naturopathic doctor, if you can motivate your genes with positive messages, they will mostly reward you! What that basically means, what you put on your skin and into your body matter. Unless you have "leaky gut syndrome" or no pores at all, you will undoubtedly absorb the nutrients or crap you put on your skin or into your body. Better Belly Butter offers natural organic ingredients that provide rich moisture and nutrients to enhance each of our skin's layers' strength and resilience.